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I am Neil Warrenbrand, a Massachusetts attorney whose practice focuses primarily on bankruptcy law. I have successfully represented individuals and businesses in bankruptcy matters throughout Massachusetts since 1990. From my meeting locations throughout the Greater Boston, Metro West and North Shore areas, I represent individuals and businesses faced with financial difficulties.

Although every bankruptcy matter involves different issues, I will put my full experience to work to address your needs and concerns. In every case, my goal is to make your bankruptcy matter as easy and stress-free as possible and to help you keep your sense of dignity intact throughout the process.

Get Out of Debt. Get a Fresh Start
My bankruptcy practice is mostly comprised of representing individuals and small businesses in bankruptcy cases. The majority of my clients never dreamed they would be forced to seek protection from their creditors. In fact, most of my clients are hardworking individuals who for most of their lives have satisfied, and continue to believe that they should satisfy their financial obligations. These people incurred debt commensurate with their incomes and ability to pay. It is usually an unexpected change of life event such as a divorce, illness or layoff, which renders them unable to meet their financial obligations.

Get the Help to Which You Are Entitled
We all need and are entitled to help some time in our lives. I am experienced in all phases of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I understand your needs. I have assisted hundreds of people in obtaining debt relief, and I can help you.

If you are faced with debt problems, wage garnishments or home foreclosure, I can help you. Call today to schedule your free bankruptcy consultation and get on your way to a fresh financial start.

Free Initial Bankruptcy Consultation
To schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced and understanding bankruptcy lawyer, call 617-720-2286 or fill out the contact form on this Web site. I have meeting locations throughout the Greater Boston, Metro West and North Shore areas.
I am a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. All information on this site is for advertising and general informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice or an agreement to provide legal services. This firm will not be deemed to have engaged in an attorney-client relationship without the explicit written agreement between this firm and any potential client.
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